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"Each Murano Glass Tip is a unique piece of art embodying the patience, passion and perseverance of Italian craftsmen."
Product Review
MG Magazine
"One of the best features of these glass tips was the ability to get the most out of my herb. Usually, there is always a little bit of herb left at the bottom, but not with these. Instead, I could inhale worry-free until the very end, so it’s potentially cost-efficient in the long-run."
Testing out Murano Tips for smoother inhale
Emerald Magazine
"We believe that herbs should be treated with the respect it deserves, in the same way, that people regard wine. You wouldn’t pop the cork of your favorite wine bottle and drink it from a paper cup, so why treat herbs any differently?"
5 Questions With Murano Tips Founder & CEO Luca Vincenzini
"Murano Tips embodies the classic “centuries-old traditions” of glassmaking and herb culture that won me over during my time in Italy. As a cultural profession, artisanal glass making is in the blood of Murano citizens and that passion is the lifeblood of the brand."
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"Murano Tips, a glass filter product, on display at Waldos Forever Fest, a celebration of herb culture"
Waldos Forever Fest celebrate 420
Chicago Tribune
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